22 October 2013

i have a thing when i walk through airports, malls, crowded places mostly... i look at faces and wonder their story. where they are, where have they been, what's going on in their lives, in their minds...in their hearts. everyone is facing some kind of battle.  everyone you see, everyone you meet is going through or has been through something. everyone has a story.  not one bigger or more important than the other.  loss of a loved one or a child, broken marriage, sickness, mental illness, regrets, infertility, miscarriage, fear... when i heard this song it spoke to my heart so strongly. and i hope it does to yours... 

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  1. I love that song Sar!! I do that too, all the time - does everyone do that?? Love the new artist - I will be checking his albums out!

    1. Of course, I spend a lot of time in airports...not much else to do but people watch...add the complexity of where is everybody going and why??

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