14 October 2013


so the recital rolls around.  dress rehearsal was the same story.   she pretty much stood and stared on the stage.  oh gosh as a mama i wanted to stand up in that auditorium and explain to everyone watching.  why?  i don't know...just to protect her.  don't worry.. i didn't stand up.  i turned to prayer with my worries and concerns.. oh Lord, i cried out~ please help my sweet girl to keep her focus and attention.  to show this audience what she can do.  be with her Lord comfort her, protect her.  be with her.

can i just tell you that something happened the night of the recital.  beyond a dance or a recital.  beyond performing.  Jesus showed me His love and His grace.  it was like he picked her up right before my (our) eyes and said I've got her.  I am protecting her.  I am here.  with her.  she did something incredible.  she performed her little heart out...and even added her own flair!  she did all the moves~ in both dances (tap and ballet) didn't get distracted once.  she was amazing.  beyond amazing.  i hadn't seen her ever do this.  it honestly was a moment i will never ever forget.  my heart was bursting with joy.  

you see...this isn't about dance.  it's about her life.  it's about the struggles and challenges she faces and will continue to face.  but HE is with her.  He will protect her.  He will give her GRACE.

here is the video from her tap routine.  she is the one all the way to the left.  listen to me in the background.  it explains it all...  

thanks to willa's sweet friends, maddi & joesey for joining us in our field dance last night.

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  1. It truly was a magical night, I cried watching it again! To say we were in shock was an understatement!!! She's always an angel, but she was truly an angel that night, definitely under God's wing!!! Nannie and Papa could not have been more proud!

  2. Wow what an amazing story and astoundingly gorgeous photos! I could feel your joy in the video as little Willa danced her heart out! My hubby heard the Lollipop song blaring and came over to investigate. :) He was in awe of the magical photos! He was like, "Woah! Who took those??" I explained that it was my sweet Michigan friend from the conference who I'd told him about. :) Keep writing, friend! I love your stories! :) - Rachel Jackson

    1. oh thank you, friend!! just noticing your sweet message!! warms my heart…..

  3. Those photos are amazing! I want one! But I can't watch the video...it's just a black screen??? you have to show me sometime. i would love it.

  4. Oh Sar, I just saw these amazing pics! They look soooo cute....like little fairies in the field....looks like they are planning something so fun. And the recital was so cute....kids have a way of coming around when down to the wire....God surely had a hand in that special nite! So happy for her (and her mama ;) xoxo

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