15 October 2014

introducing the carry camp....

a friend of mine from grade school, katie mohr introduced wynne elder and i via social media learning that her and i would both be at hope spoken last march.... when we met in person i had that instant "i feel like i've known you forever" and we will be friends feeling-- immediately.  learning that we had much more in common then i ever could have imagined.  i knew that God was up to something in our meeting... it was almost immediately that we looked at each other and said..."let's do something here..."  we prayed and it was like God was shouting YES... when He litterally put katie, wynne and i (all from different states) in the same place at the same time.  we came together with katie (naturally) and lauren casper and formed THE CARRY CAMP.  I am so proud of this venture and would love for you to go over and check it out....  you, your friend, your sister, your neighbor, someone you know has been touched with infertility or loss.... please forward this place of love to them.

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13 October 2014

camp willa

i started this last year... what i believe will be a tradition for willa's birthday each year- camp willa.  a "glamping" party with mama's and daughters.  we of course added the airstream to the camp this year.  everyone slept in the bell tent, airstream and a friend brought her aragosy camper.  it is such a special weekend.  it's about community, fellowship, sharing, bonding and fun... a time to feel wild and free and enjoy our beautiful girls.

here are some photos of our special weekend...

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30 September 2014

airstream dream.

I am beyond thrilled to announce a little secret project I've been working on...
The renovation and collaboration with ANTHROPOLOGIE of my Airstream trailer.
For as long as I can remember I have had a heart for the Anthropologie brand.  I love their mission, their product inspires beauty, hope, and connection. Their home collection feels as if I have collected 
pieces along the journey of life and filled my spaces with art, joy, beauty and love.  Each piece feels like it's one of a kind and meant for me.  Imagine my excitement when they announced their new house and home collection.  Making a house a home is my passion.  Making my spaces feel like home is what brings me happiness.  The Airstream is no exception.   
I want our home on wheels~ where we will journey and see the country to feel like home.  To be comfortable, and inspiring.  To evoke imagination, adventure, and creativity.  I wanted it to feel wild and free.
Her name is "wandering star"
and I'm really proud to introduce you to her....

The airstream was dark when we started.... I painted everything white~ the walls, cabinetry, and put in white hardwood floors.  I salvaged the original sofa and recovered it in indoor/outdoor linen. (a must for a camper... it's actually bleachable).
the wandering star pillow was my inspiration for the interior.  I fell in love with the phrase, and the colors.  "wander" began to appear throughout the design.
wander zinc letters

All of the drapes I bought at longer lengths and had them cut down to fit the wrap around windows.... they provide privacy but also let in beautiful light.

The lucite desk collection gave me inspiration for the pop-up lucite table.  It makes for a great side table... to read, journal, or have a cup of coffee...

The kitchen is tiny... so making the most of the space is key.  butcher block counters add warmth and the white octagon backsplash adds texture.  left over fabric from the drape redo made for a great stove cover for when we're not using it.  I changed out the sink and fixtures to update it. then added all sorts of fun accessories!

I knew that with the white I wanted punches of color throughout.  Wallpaper is a fabulous way to add color, texture and pattern.  I fell in love with this Rosa Wallpaper
The counters were replaced with butcher block to add warmth.  And reclaimed wood on the opposite counter.  I added mirror to the feature wall and cabinets to bring in more light to this small space.
All of the hardware was changed... I did a eclectic mix.  It's amazing how hardware can completely change the look. It's like jewelry to your cabinets.


The front quickly turns into a dining space with a fold out table and the terai folding chairs... aren't these great?!  they add so much pattern, warmth and texture with the wood legs and the beauty is that they fold out of the way when traveling or not in use.

Oh the back bedroom.... so fun to decorate.  It can be for the kids or adults.  I wanted it to be fitting for both.  Great for when we travel with the kids... or when I take it on girls trips! 

The bath is obviously small... so everything had to be made to fit this space.  I even cut the bath rug down so that it would fit.  Some paint, new counters, knobs, shower curtains and drapes did this space wonders!  The sink is made out of a old farmhouse bowl.

The front turns into a full size bed.... and becomes a comfy, cozy bedroom.  Especially with LOTS of layers and ambient lighting.  I love this space and how all the colors and patterns work together.  It is so warm and inviting.

Bringing beauty and comfort to the outdoors while camping is a must... 
I always bring my table linens, lanterns, string lights, candles, throws, rugs and outdoor accesories.

I can't wait to take her traveling across the country!
if you see us in your town... wave us down~ we'd love to give you a tour!

Visit the story on ANTHROPOLOGIE'S BLOG
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