19 March 2015

Adventures with The North Face

Gosh it feels good to get outside! We finally have a break in our weather and putting away the heavy outerwear. AND just in time Haute Look is having the first ever end of season sale on The North Face!! Our favorite!! You don't want to miss this! Great for spring weather now... and for fall/early winter weather at the end of the year! Such great quality! We love to adventure and North Face has made it all the more better!! Here's to spring adventures!!

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15 December 2014

mama's closet...

sweetest tallulah in my closet EVERY. DAY.  i can almost see the teenage years...  but look at this sweet face?!  could you tell her no?  nope.  not for a second.  play away little one.

check out the cutest video of the season.... our little friends of Anthopologie in their mama's beauties!!

Anthropologie: Let’s Play Dress-Up from Anthropologie on Vimeo.
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30 October 2014

dressing up.

i took the kids out to the meadow in their costumes.  i love watching them in costumes.  watching their little imaginations.  free to be.

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15 October 2014

introducing the carry camp....

a friend of mine from grade school, katie mohr introduced wynne elder and i via social media learning that her and i would both be at hope spoken last march.... when we met in person i had that instant "i feel like i've known you forever" and we will be friends feeling-- immediately.  learning that we had much more in common then i ever could have imagined.  i knew that God was up to something in our meeting... it was almost immediately that we looked at each other and said..."let's do something here..."  we prayed and it was like God was shouting YES... when He litterally put katie, wynne and i (all from different states) in the same place at the same time.  we came together with katie (naturally) and lauren casper and formed THE CARRY CAMP.  I am so proud of this venture and would love for you to go over and check it out....  you, your friend, your sister, your neighbor, someone you know has been touched with infertility or loss.... please forward this place of love to them.

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13 October 2014

camp willa

i started this last year... what i believe will be a tradition for willa's birthday each year- camp willa.  a "glamping" party with mama's and daughters.  we of course added the airstream to the camp this year.  everyone slept in the bell tent, airstream and a friend brought her aragosy camper.  it is such a special weekend.  it's about community, fellowship, sharing, bonding and fun... a time to feel wild and free and enjoy our beautiful girls.

here are some photos of our special weekend...

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