28 February 2014

dreaming of glamping…
{a re-post of willa's glampout.  because something's got to make me believe warm weather will return.  we will see grass again.  the deep freeze has been rough. looking forward to the renewal of spring.  just like God's promises. and well… a little glamping.}

ever since i can remember i have had this dream of having a community of friends.  where we raise babies together.  we have dinners and sleepovers.  we laugh and we cry together.  we love each other's children like our own.  we have trust and grow together.  well... although life is busy and seems at times to be passing by ever too quickly... for willa's birthday i wanted to do something that fulfilled part of that dream.  we decided on a "glamping" party (glamourous camping)... i envisioned everyone (the mamas and daughters~ both willa's friends and mine) around the fire together singing songs, sharing stories.  cuddling up in one big tent together.  and it. was. perfect.  all that i had imagined & dreamt of.  it was more than a birthday party... it was a sweet memory... a moment in time where we stopped, slowed down, and just enjoyed each others company.  it wasn't just our backyard... it was if we had picked up and been put down somewhere beautiful and magical.
here are all the details...
i had been visiting every salvation army, goodwill, every thrift store in a 50 mile radius for about 6 months collecting knit & crochet blankets... 
oh this tent... i had looked and looked and settled on the huge tent from belgium.  it was perfect. and fit 9 mamas and 9 little girls. ~ all on air beds.

we made pizza pies in the fire...
  tomato soup and asparagus soup...
i had also been collecting vintage paper plate holders.
oh the s'mores bar.
each mama & daughter got a dream catcher necklace...
someone else loved the party...

oh friends, it was fabulous... still makes my heart sing...
and most importantly.  she. loved. her. party.
& i love her more than words.

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  1. the cutest thing i've ever seen. although i say that about every image you post as well! when you first posted this i called my girls all in here to look at the post and we all oooooh'd and aaaaaah'd....just beautiful.
    youre truly such a precious mama sara. your children are blessed beyond measure

  2. this is so magical and spirit lifting. it is too late for me to host such a party as my sons are grown (even tho i remain a young faerie), but my future grandkids...apparently i need to begin collecting knit afghans! thanks for sharing this delight.


  3. Oooooohhhhh! What amazing memories to have! I remember every party my mom created for me as a child. So much love and attention to every detail. Very inspiring! I would love to learn to make the dreamcatchers!! Any tutorials in the works??!! My daughter has always had a dreamcatcher in her room and how special for us to make some together....

  4. Where did you find that tent? BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. what kind of camera do you use?

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