15 October 2016

all the goodness of fall....and boots.

Fall.... I never want to rush the end of summer but ahhhh FALL.  The warmth, the coziness.  Outdoors fires, cider mills, the color changes, the falling leaves, the smell.  AND... flannels, layers, hats and... boots.   By far, my most favorite fashion season is fall.  and I love boots.  Here are some current favorites from Nordstrom...

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13 September 2016

back-to-school fashion....

ahhhh back-to-school.  bitter sweet for sure... it's an adjustment to have them gone all day~ it's just too quiet around here!  they were ready though... needing a more regimented schedule, normal bedtimes, and to ease the "end of summer case of the boredoms".  but especially the clothes.. oh the fall clothes.  such excitement shopping for school clothes this year.  they couldn't wait to wear their new outfits..  bust out the new shoes.  sad to see summer go... but fall is most definitely a favorite time of year....  Nordstrom is our (well especially my) favorite go to for kids clothes.   I always find just what we need for all of them... here are some of the first favorites of the year...

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16 June 2016


SUMMER is here! we couldn't be happier that summer break and longer days are here!! our annual beach day celebration... all decked out in our Nordstrom wear and gear!!

{I've probably told you a million times why I adore Nordstrom... the customer service, the return policy, the rewards, and the products.  It's my go to!!    I know I can always find what I need at Nordstrom... all products are below...}

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04 December 2015

My Nordstrom curated HOLIDAY GIFT guide for the littles.....

Nordstrom has always been a go-to for me... their incredible customer service and return policy and their REWARDS... especially this time of year...  when we get to take advantage of the 10 points!  I save a lot of shopping for these days! They are killing it this year with their huge toy selections and of course the beautiful clothing & shoes.... 

Here are my top picks this season...

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20 September 2015

Seizing Summer with Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

I've said time and time again... hospitality and entertaining is my heart. 

What an honor to host an evening inspired completely by 
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Fragrance.

The fragrance notes are feminine & fresh of sweet fruit, spicy musk & warm cedarwood.
The perfect inspiration for my end of summer outdoor soiree...

The event story can be seen on The Cut & New York Magazine here:


{and I will over load you with more photos here}
from the start...

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